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Why does the app needs so many permissions

The app needs so many permissions for various toggle functionalities. The significant permissions are explained below.

Cellular data settings
For mobile data, tethering & other network related toggles.

For data sync & sync now toggles. The app doesn't has 'use account credentials' permission.

For GPS toggles.

For direct call shortcuts. Not that the app can't make a call in background, you will always see the in-call screen.

For managing backups and themes.

Camera permission is required for flash light toggle.

Wi-Fi connection information
For wifi, tethering & other network related toggles.


  • connect and disconnect from WiMAX: Wimax toggle
  • modify battery statistics: Airplane and pulse light toggle
  • manage preferences and permissions for USB devices: USB tether toggle
  • modify secure system settings: GPS toggle
  • run at startup: Notification widget
  • prevent device from sleeping: Wake lock & flashlight toggle
  • control flashlight: Flashlight toggle
  • view network connections: Network icon is notification widget & Data network toggle
  • Change WiMAX state: Wimax toggle
  • control Near Field Communication: NFC toggle
  • disable your screen lock: No lock screen toggle
  • toggle sync on and off: Data sync toggle
  • expand/collapse status bar: Notification widget auto-close option
  • draw over other apps: Immersive mode, brightness, wakelock, rotation lock & flashlight toggle
  • full network access: Network related toggles
  • modify system settings: Airplane mode, pulse light, auto-rotate, WiFi optimize, brightness & volume toggles
  • pair with Bluetooth devices: Bluetooth & bluetooth tether toggles
  • connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi: WiFi & hotspot toggle
  • read sync settings: Sync now and data sync toggle
  • control vibration: Haptic feedback
  • change network connectivity: Network related toggles
  • access Bluetooth settings: Bluetooth & bluetooth tether toggles
  • change system display settings: Brightness toggles